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Exclusive Off Market Deals 
Access to our Exclusive Properties at 20% to 40% Below Retail Prices
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Frequently Asked Questions
Why would you sell so cheap?
My company rehabs properties and sells them on the retail market. Many times a property doesn't fit my criteria but it may fit yours. Other times I may have too many properties at once and need to sell a few to keep things going.
How do you Find Discounted Properties?
I do extensive marketing to find motivated home sellers.  It is a combination of internet leads, mailers, my own referral network, and many other things.  My company is very good at working with home sellers and helping them with what they need while buying significantly below market value.
What do you do with my contact info?
I will never share, sell, or rent your information.  I will only use it to e-mail or text you wholesale real estate deals that are off market.
Why are you looking for Cash Investors?
Many of the properties I buy need to close escrow in 10 days or less. Unless you have your own cash or are using a private money lender that can fund deals fast I unfortunately can't sell to you.
Which areas do you offer properties in?
I specialize in Maricopa and Pinal counties but come across good deals in all parts of Arizona, even Flagstaff, the White Mountains, and Tucson, etc.
How can I contact You?
Click Here to send me an email.
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